a GREAT AD FOR GOOD by OUT TO LUNCH at CANNES LIONS Festival of Creativity 2022

31/Aug.2022. Anna Stylianaki

some ads are for profit, others for good. some awards of creativity come from peers and groups of experts, others from the people the work is designed to move… we are extremely proud that the print campaign Things we want to Forget for Alzheimer Athens, created to shed light to the issue of dementia from a disruptive point of view, was voted among the top most popular ads in the solidarity category at the GREAT ADS FOR GOOD exhibition – part of this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – by ACT Responsible, an organization affiliated with the Unites Nations Global Communications with the aim to promote and share the world’s best examples of environmental and social issues communication.¬†https://www.greatadsforgood.org/campagnes/things-we-want-to-forget/