What we ( love to) do

designing connections between people and brands

OUTTOLUNCH is everything and anything that has to do with brands and people and the communication vehicles -likely and unlikely, conventional and unconventional- linking them together | it does not discriminate when it comes to media | it embraces and reaches out to the art world | it does not snob the retail experience | it takes the market place into serious consideration | it is aware of the trends that drive popular culture | it moves between branding and advertising, between art and commerce, between a company’s vision and its realization, between what is and what is possible.

work process

1. Immerse

2. Create

3. Design

OUTTOLUNCH is bringing together years of experience in strategic thinking, creative direction, idea development, branding, graphic design, mastering language, creating advertising success stories across media, to bring new life to brands and companies willing to embrace NEW.